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USEFUL Digital Marketing Tools When You Have No Team

Businesses evolve every single day. Plenty of startups emerge and they need to stand apart from the crowd.
If you’re planning to set up a business or already had started, you’re most likely to dig into paths and opportunities to compete in the corporate world. That’s where the marketing strategies and marketing tools come into play.
In the beginning, you might be lacking a team but it’s alright. I’ll put you through the most effective marketing tools to get started. You might or might not be familiar with some of the tools.
The tools come in handy whether you’re after social media campaigns, email marketing, or hiring professionals or freelancers to do the job.
The most basic strategy that any business should try out is email marketing. MailChimp is considered one of the best email marketing software to date with over a 13 million customer base.
The software provider has all the options to get you started as a beginner with a free marketing plan while playing around with some of its features. The free plan lets you have 2,000 subscribers and up to 10,000 monthly sends. As you scale, you can slowly move onto MailChimp’s paid plans to reach a very large audience and unlock more features.
The company is long-standing and provides a good customer support service to help you with any issues down the road.


This is an automated chat tool that facilitates potential customers and businesses to chat with each other.
The majority of the customers say that it is easy and convenient to use chat or texting services rather than to connect over the phone or email. That said, MobileMonkey acts as a better option for your marketing services. It helps reach your customers through popular messaging platforms including SMS, live chat, Instagram DM, and Facebook Messenger.
While fulfilling chat services through one platform, you can make use of the automated response system, handle leads and execute powerful bots to grow your account.
You save time and effort by using automatic replies to your Instagram post comments thereby increasing engagement rates and boosting sales. You attract more followers in the process.
I probably don’t have to mention how social media can greatly impact any startup or business regardless of the scale and age.
Having said that Hootsuite is a wonderful social media management tool that will act as a central hub for your social media posts without breaking a sweat.
This tool will provide you with all these features:
• Schedule posts targeting active audiences
• Handle pre-defined responses
• Pick out influencers and leads
• Respond to mentions and comments on all of your platforms
Supporting over 30 platforms, it offers enhanced and convenient ways of managing profiles.
HubSpot is a one-stop place for all your sales and marketing and CRM requirements. HubSpot’s all-in-one software offers you a plethora of resources and supports to create a successful marketing campaign while delivering an end-to-end customer experience. It provides many useful tools to the business such as:
• Marketing automation
• Lead management
• SEO service
• Blogs
• CTAs
• Landing Pages
• Email and social media
Google Analytics

This is possibly one of the best free tools offered by Google to help businesses to analyze and keep track of website traffic to better understand customer behavioral patterns. Its features include data collection, analysis, monitoring, and integration with external applications.
Through Analytics, if you find out that a set of keywords are driving more traffic to your site, you can focus on those high-performing keywords to keep creating content.
Similarly, a certain social media campaign is bringing you high traffic and you can easily adjust your strategies based on the data.
Google Analytics will greatly impact your marketing strategies if you make use of these tools effectively. The analytical data that you collect is precious.
The keywords are a winning game of the SEO competition that you can never miss. As you try to use premium software for keywords research, it can get costly. However, it is not the case with Ubersuggest.
Equipped with a simple dashboard, this tool is the go-to for beginners. You can start by entering your preferred root keyword or domain and you’ll be quickly returned with the researched data. The best thing is you get up to three free searches for a day. You can easily upgrade to a paid version unlocking more features.
The tool gives useful information such as total searches, historical data, new keyword ideas, and suggestions so that you as a business owner can better structure your way around the ad campaign.
BuzzSumo is a very useful marketing tool that provides marketing insights.
Being one of the best marketing platforms, there are countless data you can use to your advantage of knowing more about your industry and the primary competitors.
It will serve as a one-stop place if you want to learn success stories, and new keywords, clear your marketing issues and discover new potential outreach opportunities.
The huge amount of information that BuzzSumo provides come in handy and you can easily use it to create engaging blog content and find answers to what performs best in your niche.
Give BuzzSumo a try and you’re going to be amazed by how well you are going to reach your target audience within a short span.
There are plenty of other marketing tools apart from the most basic and must-have tools I have mentioned. You will have unique marketing and business goals but whatever they may be, there are free and paid marketing tools to address any of those requirements.
It is important to know the challenges you face and where you spend the most time. Suppose you lack time to handle your social media campaign, use a tool like Hootsuite that can schedule your social media posts and handle automatic responses. Try to do a competitor analysis on where you fall short and dig in for the right tools to carry on.

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