Triple H takes over as WWE Creative Director.

After Vince McMahon announced his retirement on Friday night, his many responsibilities inside WWE were divided.

Vince mcmahon message.

“I am highly confident in WWE’s ongoing success, and I leave our business in the competent hands of an exceptional collection of Superstars, workers, and executives particularly Chairwoman and Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon and Co-CEO Nick Khan,” McMahon said in a statement to WWE stockholders on Friday.

“I will continue to help WWE in whatever way I can as the biggest shareholder.”

“I’d want to express my personal gratitude to our community and business partners, stockholders, and Board of Directors for their wisdom and support throughout the years.”

Nick Khan, who was hired by Vince McMahon to serve as WWE President, will work alongside McMahon in that capacity.

WWE has now officially announced in a statement that Triple H will take over and take the reins as the new Head of Creative.

Triple H will takes over!!

Bruce Prichard, Vince’s longtime right-hand man, was supposed to succeed him as Head of Creative, but that hasn’t occurred.

No information has been released on Bruce’s future plans, and it’s not known whether he still works for WWE.

But given that Triple H was in charge of booking NXT throughout most of his tenure as chief booker, this is tremendously exciting news for WWE fans.

Now that Triple H is virtually in charge of both programs, viewers will be hoping that he keeps up some of the in-depth narrative that helped NXT become so well-liked with Raw and Smack Down.

Triple H will oversee both creative and talent relations for WWE, and many of the company’s talent believe he would be excellent in this role.

Summer Slam is this weekend, thus Triple H won’t be able to influence many of WWE’s creative plans until after that event. As a result, any possible adjustments should start to happen in August