The Bogalusa Police Department said on Facebook that local rapper JayDaYoungan had died after receiving gunshot wounds in Bogalusa.

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Scott Sr. was shot and is presently in stable condition. Police have also identified him as a “close family member.”

Javorius Scott, known professionally as JayDaYoungan, was 24 years old.

Complex received confirmation from Kendall Bullen, the chief of police for the Bogalusa Police Department, about the information posted on Facebook.

According to the police department in Bogalusa, “We can now identify the victims as Javorius Scott, A.K.A. JayDaYoungan, and close family member Kenyatta Scott Sr.” “We can also establish that Javorius Scott’s injuries led to his death. We have been informed that Scott Sr. is in stable condition and has been transferred to another institution.

When he was arrested by police in late October, marking his fourth arrest in less than a few months, the 23-year-old native of Bogalusa was already facing several offences on his indictment.

On October 29, Scott was stopped by Bogalusa police for displaying a Virginia license plate while driving a silver Audi.

According to the indictment, Scott neglected to provide the policeman his driver’s license or automobile registration. During the stop, the officer claimed to have seen a black pistol beneath Scott’s knees and to have detected “a strong stench” of marijuana.

The policeman said that after removing Scott from the vehicle, he discovered a tiny quantity of perhaps marijuana under the driver’s seat. A loaded Ruger Model Security 9mm was reportedly also discovered by police under the floorboard.

According to police, Scott was previously under investigation outside of Texas for allegedly assaulting a pregnant lady, possessing oxycodone, and getting a pistol by smuggling it over state lines.

May he Rest in Peace!

information from complex: https://www.complex.com/music/jaydayoungan-dead-fatally-shot