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Case Study

Website Redesign for Motivational Speaker: Stormy Wellington


Web Redesign

SEO & Social Media Content

Details about the client and the requirement

Google Ads Budget

The clinic provided us with a budget of $4000 dollars for Google Ads Campaign primarly focused on Phone calls and Website Form Fill ups

Social Media Content Budget

We hired Micro influcencers to create video content for the clinic and with their products.

Branding & Site Redesign

Our Process

A Closer Examine of Our Steps

In this step, we actively learn about the needs and goals of the project and thoroughly discuss various solutions and directions to take.
This stage focuses on a optimised landing page design for user conversion. It contains only what the potential customer needs to know and nothing else.
We primarily use Google campaigns for sending potential customers to the landing page. We also spent $2000 on Facebook Ads but eventually stopped as the returns on google was much better
Average Lead Cost: $51.67
Conversions: 58
Spent: $3000
Average spent by Customer: $151
Returning Customer: %26


Stormy Wellington is a well-known motivational speaker who has been inspiring audiences for over a decade. He has a passion for helping people achieve their goals and has built a successful career based on his speaking engagements and personal coaching sessions. Despite his success, John felt that his website was not reflecting his brand image and was not effectively reaching his target audience.


Stormy's primary objective was to redesign his website to better showcase his brand and services, as well as improve its usability and overall user experience. He wanted his website to be professional, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly, with a clear call to action to book him for speaking engagements and coaching sessions.


Our team worked with John to identify his goals and understand his target audience. Based on this information, we recommended a complete website redesign that would feature a clean and modern design, visually appealing graphics, and clear messaging.

We began by creating a new website structure that was easy to navigate, with clear calls to action throughout the site. The home page was designed to showcase John's brand image and services, with a prominent booking form for speaking engagements and coaching sessions. The site was optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that users could access it from any device, anywhere.

We also integrated a blog section into the site, allowing John to share his thoughts and insights with his audience. This not only added value to the site but also helped to establish John as a thought leader in his field.


The redesigned website was launched in September 2022, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. John's target audience has praised the new site for its professional look and ease of use, with many stating that it is now much easier to book him for speaking engagements and coaching sessions.

Stormy has reported a significant increase in bookings and website traffic since the redesign, and he is now able to effectively showcase his brand and services to his target audience. The new site has not only improved the user experience but has also helped to establish John as a leader in his field, with a clear call to action that encourages his audience to take action.


The redesign of Stormy Wellington's website was a success, achieving the primary objective of improving the user experience and showcasing his brand and services. The new site has helped John to reach his target audience and has had a positive impact on his business, with increased bookings and website traffic. The design and messaging were carefully crafted to appeal to John's target audience, and the site's mobile-friendly design ensures that users can access it from anywhere, on any device.