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Case Study

Website Recovery and Restoration for a Modelling Agency

PPC ADS Campaign

Web Revamp & Automation

SEO & Social Media Content

Details about the client and the requirement

Google Ads Budget

The Agency provided us with a budget of $4000 dollars for Google Ads Campaign primarly focused on Phone calls and Website Form Fill ups

Social Media Content Budget

We hired Micro influcencers to create video content for the Agency and with their products.

Branding & Site Redesign

We provided with a budget of $500 for the Site Revamp + SEO

Our Process

A Closer Examine of Our Steps

In this step, we actively learn about the needs and goals of the project and thoroughly discuss various solutions and directions to take.
This stage focuses on a optimised landing page design for user conversion. It contains only what the potential customer needs to know and nothing else.
We primarily use Google campaigns for sending potential customers to the landing page. We also spent $2000 on Facebook Ads but eventually stopped as the returns on google was much better
Average Lead Cost: $51.67
Conversions: 58
Spent: $3000
Average spent by Customer: $151
Returning Customer: %26


Ultimate Talent Global is a well-established business in the Y industry, They lost their website due to server upgrade and some technical issues. We recovered their database, design files, site assets, images, forms, functionality. With a website that was outdated and not providing an optimal user experience. The website was not mobile-friendly, lacked essential features, and had poor performance. The company was facing a significant drop in website traffic and a decline in online sales.


The main challenge was to recover the website's performance and user experience, and to bring it up to date with modern design and functionality. The goal was to make the website user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and secure, with a focus on increasing online sales.


To overcome these challenges, the following steps were taken:

1) Website Audit: A comprehensive website audit was conducted to identify the technical issues, user experience problems, and performance bottlenecks.

2) Technical Upgrades: The website was updated with the latest technology, including a mobile-responsive design, improved website speed, and enhanced security features.

3) Design Refresh: A modern, visually appealing design was created, with a focus on making the website user-friendly and easy to navigate.

4) Feature Additions: Essential features, such as an online store, a blog, and contact forms, were added to the website to improve the user experience and drive sales.

5) Content Optimization: The website's content was optimized to improve search engine rankings and make it more engaging for visitors.


The results of the web recovery and upgrading were impressive:

1) Website Traffic: The website's traffic increased by 60% in the first three months after the upgrades were completed.

2) Conversion Rates: The conversion rate (the number of visitors who took a desired action, such as making a purchase) increased by 45%.

3) Online Sales: Online sales increased by 50% in the first six months after the upgrades were completed.


The web recovery and upgrading for Ultimate Talent Global was a success, delivering improved website performance, user experience, and online sales. The company now has a modern, mobile-friendly website that effectively showcases its products and services, and is well-positioned to drive future growth. The upgrades have also helped to protect the company's online reputation and secure its place in the Y industry.