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Case Study

Sales Funnel using Webinar for Family First Firm

PPC ADS Campaign

Web Revamp & Automation

SEO & Social Media Content

Details about the client and the requirement

Google Ads Budget

The Firm provided us with a budget of $4000 dollars for Google Ads Campaign primarly focused on Phone calls and Website Form Fill ups

Social Media Content Budget

We hired Micro influcencers to create video content for the Firm and with their products.

Branding & Site Redesign

We provided with a budget of $500 for the Site Revamp + SEO

Our Process

A Closer Examine of Our Steps

In this step, we actively learn about the needs and goals of the project and thoroughly discuss various solutions and directions to take.
This stage focuses on a optimised landing page design for user conversion. It contains only what the potential customer needs to know and nothing else.
We primarily use Google campaigns for sending potential customers to the landing page. We also spent $2000 on Facebook Ads but eventually stopped as the returns on google was much better
Average Lead Cost: $51.67
Conversions: 58
Spent: $3000
Average spent by Customer: $151
Returning Customer: %26


Family First Firm is a well-established law firm providing a range of legal services to clients. Despite its reputation, the firm was facing a decline in new client acquisitions and a lack of engagement with its target audience.


The main challenge was to find an effective way to engage with potential clients and educate them on the services offered by the law firm. The goal was to create a sales funnel that would lead potential clients to schedule consultations and become paying clients.


To overcome these challenges, the following steps were taken:

1) Webinar Creation: A webinar was created to educate potential clients on the services offered by the law firm and the benefits of working with a professional lawyer. The webinar was designed to be informative, engaging, and interactive.

2) Promotion: The webinar was promoted through targeted advertising and email marketing campaigns, reaching a large number of potential clients.

3) Follow-Up: After the webinar, follow-up emails were sent to attendees, offering a free consultation with one of the firm's lawyers. This created a sales funnel that encouraged attendees to take the next step and schedule a consultation.


The results of the sales funnel using a webinar were impressive:

1) Webinar Attendance: The webinar attracted over 500 attendees, representing a significant portion of the firm's target audience.

2) Consultation Scheduling: Over 200 attendees scheduled consultations with the firm's lawyers, representing a 40% conversion rate.

3) New Clients: Over 150 attendees became paying clients, resulting in a 75% conversion rate from consultation to client.


The sales funnel using a webinar for Family First Firm was a success, delivering improved engagement with the firm's target audience and a significant increase in new client acquisitions. The webinar provided an effective way to educate potential clients on the services offered by the law firm and encouraged them to take the next step and schedule a consultation. The success of this approach has led the firm to incorporate webinars into its marketing strategy on an ongoing basis.