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Case Study

Laser Clinic Increases Online Visibility and Appointments with Google Ads

PPC ADS Campaign

Web Revamp & Automation

SEO & Social Media Content

Details about the client and the requirement

Google Ads Budget

The clinic provided us with a budget of $4000 dollars for Google Ads Campaign primarly focused on Phone calls and Website Form Fill ups

Social Media Content Budget

We hired Micro influcencers to create video content for the clinic and with their products.

Branding & Site Redesign

We provided with a budget of $500 for the Site Revamp + SEO

Our Process

A Closer Examine of Our Steps

In this step, we actively learn about the needs and goals of the project and thoroughly discuss various solutions and directions to take.
This stage focuses on a optimised landing page design for user conversion. It contains only what the potential customer needs to know and nothing else.
We primarily use Google campaigns for sending potential customers to the landing page. We also spent $2000 on Facebook Ads but eventually stopped as the returns on google was much better
Average Lead Cost: $51.67
Conversions: 58
Spent: $3000
Average spent by Customer: $151
Returning Customer: %26


The Laser Clinic is a medical spa offering laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and other cosmetic procedures. They wanted to increase their online visibility and drive more appointments through their website.


The Laser Clinic partnered with a digital marketing agency to create and manage a Google Ads campaign. The campaign targeted specific keywords related to their services and geographic location, such as "laser hair removal near me" and "skin rejuvenation clinic."

The agency also used Google Ads' targeting options to reach their ideal audience, such as women aged 25-55 who have shown an interest in beauty and cosmetic treatments.

Additionally, the agency created a Google My Business listing for the clinic and optimised it with accurate information and photos. This helped the clinic to appear in the Google Maps search results when potential customers searched for related keywords.


The Laser Clinic saw a significant increase in website traffic and online appointments within the first month of launching their Google Ads campaign. In the first three months, the campaign generated a return on investment of 150%.

The clinic's Google My Business listing also helped to boost their online visibility, resulting in a 25% increase in phone calls and walk-ins.


The Laser Clinic's Google Ads campaign helped to increase their online visibility and drive more appointments through their website. By targeting specific keywords and reaching their ideal audience, they were able to generate a significant return on investment. Additionally, optimising their Google My Business listing also helped to boost their online visibility and drive more walk-in and phone appointments.