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Nigerian Tobi Amusan wins 100m hurdles gold

Amusan broke the world record on Sunday by clocking 12.12 seconds in the semi-final at Hayward Field.

Gold medallist and world record holder Tobi Amusan 

Tobi Amusan of Nigeria won the gold medal in the 100-meter hurdles final at the World Championships held in Eugene, storming to victory and becoming the first competitor from her nation to do so.

Although the 25-year-12.06-second-old’s feat on Sunday first hailed as a world record, it was subsequently determined that it was invalid because the wind speed was too high.

Amusan had beaten the world mark earlier in the day in the semi-final at Hayward Field, recording 12.12 seconds.

She put on a flawless effort over the barriers in the final, finishing 0.17 seconds ahead of Jamaica’s Britany Anderson, who took home the silver medal. She had a somewhat slower start to the race.

Amusam finishes first

Amusans comments

The objective, according to Amusan, was to compete and take home the gold.

“I have confidence in my skills, but I did not anticipate setting a world record in these competitions. You understand the objective is always to perform well and win. The world record is, therefore, an added benefit”.

Silver medal

Olympic champion Camacho-Quinn of Puerto Rico sprinted around the halfway point. Still, after reaching the last hurdle, she could not hold behind Anderson and finished third in her maiden World Championships.

To be honest, I’m tense. I guess that showed on my face, but I’m just happy to be here,” Camacho-Quinn added.

From from point on, it will only become faster. I believe that our competition was the finest of the global championships.

Anderson informed reporters that despite encountering several obstacles, she was happy with her performance.

She said, “I feel like everyone is so enthusiastic right now. I came here to complete the task at hand, and I accomplished it.

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