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Monetise your writings without breaking a sweat

What is Fansetgo?

Fansetgo revolutionizes monetizing content related to writings such as short stories, Texts, Life Experiences & helps to sell. It makes it easier for both the content creator & the fans under one platform.

Unique FanUrl

Create your Own FanUrl to identify yourself in the platform and helps you to advertise your profile on other platforms where your fans knows you.

Things you can do with a FanSetGo

Set Your Subscriptions

Limited Lifetime Referrals

Control Who sees your posts

Sell Single Posts and Content

Frequently asked questions

Yes, We designed this platform to serve the writer community
The platform takes only 10% from transactions. All of this goes back into the development and the improvement of the platform

Yes, You can post media content just like other media

Yes, You can sell PDF, videos, images, Zips and more.

You can connect to us via info@fansetgo.com

Product Of Igclout Dev Team
made for the community
By the community

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