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Beyoncé’ Unveils ‘Renaissance!!

Beyoncé on stage

Complete track list for ‘Renaissance’.

  1. “I’m That Girl”
  2. “Cozy”
  3. “Alien Superstar”
  4. “Cuff It”
  5. “Energy”
  6. “Break My Soul”
  7. “Church Girl”
  8. “Plastic off the Sofa”
  9. “Virgo’s Groove”
  10. “Move”
  11. “Heated”
  12. “Thique”
  13. “All Up in Your Mind”
  14. “America Has a Problem”
  15. “Pure/Honey”
  16. “Summer Renaissance”

Beyoncé’s new album Launch.

According to a release, the pop star’s eighth solo album is “Act I” of work that was inspired by the epidemic, which she “found to be the most creative” period of time.

The brand-new Beyoncé album is now available. A two-day early internet leak of “Renaissance,” the singer’s eighth solo studio album and the first of a projected trilogy, represents a rare departure from the pop queen’s meticulously orchestrated release schedule.

In a statement after the album’s widespread distribution on streaming sites at midnight on Friday, Beyoncé acknowledged the glitch. She responded to her devoted followers, “So, the album leaked, and you all actually waited till the appropriate release time so you all may enjoy it together. She said, “I’ve never seen anything like that,” and expressed gratitude to her supporters for their “love and protection.”

Following an unusually typical marketing campaign for Beyoncé, “Renaissance” made its appearance. Beyoncé spent six weeks pounding the promotional pavement after years of shredding the conventional rulebook for releasing new music, skipping early radio singles and interviews in favor of surprise releases and grandiose multimedia spectacles. She made the album announcement more than a month in advance, spoke with British Vogue, released the song “Break My Soul,” unveiled the track list, and then started posting on TikTok.

However, on Wednesday, around 36 hours before the album’s scheduled release, what looked to be high-quality versions of its 16 songs emerged over social media, even as Beyoncé’s most devoted fans urged one another to wait (and to tattletale on the bootleggers). In a message posted on social media while the record was being launched, Beyoncé said, “I thank you for calling out everyone who was attempting to sneak into the club early.”

Renaissance on you tube.


Investigative observers theorized that the leak may have resulted from CD copies that were being offered early in several European outlets. Although the tracks seemed to be real and samples lined up with the confirmed composition credits given a week ago, neither the singer’s team nor her record company, Columbia, had commented on the leak.

The retro-themed album “Renaissance,” which throbs with the sound of dance music from many eras, appeared to match the throwback concept in a strange sense, with its traditional leak of a smash hit.

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