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American Horror Story Season 2 Premiere Is Here

The dollhouse welcomes you

A rich toymaker (Denis O’Hare as Mr Van Wirth) was looking for a new mother for his son Otis when the second season of this anthology branch of AHS started on Thursday.

But the tale is not quite as charming as it seems. To begin with, the only reason Otis is without a mother is that Mr Van Wirth found his wife having a sexual relationship with another man, which led to their being dumped nude into a deep well.

Mr Van Wirth kidnaps women, transforms them into living dolls, and compels them to participate in a “pageant” to find a new mother.

One of the dolls tries to assassinate newcomer Coby (The First Lady’s Kristine Froseth), who wins Otis’ favour by teaching him magic tricks. It’s enough to drive you nuts, and it does. Because she is the only one who makes sure that Otis is secure, Coby can save the lives of her fellow dolls. Coby is declared the “winner” of the tournament after the other contestants are shot dead in the woods, receiving the desired title of Otis’ new mother.

The episode’s climax, though, is the most shocking. As it turns out, Coby’s powers alerted a pair of female witches who entered the dollhouse. After rescuing Coby from her plastic prison, they burn Mr Van Wirt and his henchman to death, then take Coby and Otis to a safe place.

If you’re looking for the backdrop for American Horror Story: Coven and Apocalypse, go no farther than Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. It is then revealed that Otis is the younger version of O’Hare’s Coven character when it is suggested that he use his middle name, Spalding.

Ready to meet your new friends? FX’s American Horror Stories premieres

A young redhead with a beard, who goes by Myrtle Snow, joins the festivities. “This is my dream job, and I want to take over this place one day.” A little forewarning wouldn’t hurt, would it? “

Are you satisfied with the first episode of American Horror Story? The Coven/Apocalypse link was unexpected. Did you see it coming, or were you caught off guard?

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