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A Complete Guide to Metaverse The Future:

The majority of us are still using 2D screens and the internet to access virtual spaces. The metaverse is not created yet, but it will allow all of us to enter this new online world.

 It is a 3D space where we will have the opportunity to work, game, socialise, shop, and even meet each other!

The Zuckerberg Metaverse:

I post to Facebook a lot. Like, a lot. I’m one of those people who is always sharing memes, inspirational quotes, and just general nonsense on the platform.

Hence why I’m very excited about the new virtual reality world Horizon. It’s basically like getting to go inside the Facebook you know and love and it has all the same features you’re used to seeing in your feed. You can comment on posts, share them with friends, even do silly things like change your avatar and mess around with different effects because if we can’t be ourselves on social media, what’s the point?

But of course, as with any new technology, there are kinks to work out. In Horizon’s case, that means figuring out how to moderate a brand new virtual community in which users have access to an unprecedented amount of freedom.

We can even interact with other users in real time! Yep -it’s kind of like having Facebook come alive in front of your eyes.

Imagine if you could wave your hands around at someone’s face or scream in their ear when they posted something offensive on Facebook. That’s exactly what some people are doing in Horizon Worlds and it looks just as nightmarish as it sounds.

Virtual Reality of Light Headsets:

Did you know that Facebook has a VR platform called Horizon Worlds? A lot of people don’t, because not everyone has a VR headset. But it’s a real thing, and it’s really cool.

Horizon Worlds is like its own whole world on Facebook. You can make new friends, find communities, create your own space to hang out with friends, and even take part in group activities! It’s like Second Life but more fun.

The best part is that if you’re new to VR, there are Community Guides who are there to help you figure out how it works! They can show you the ropes and make sure that everyone gets along.

Have you created your Avatar yet?

Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook and co-founder of virtual reality company Oculus, recently spoke with Fridman to discuss the future of the metaverse.

In the version of Metaverse already accessible on Meta, humans are represented by avatars without legs, however Zuckerberg believes that updated iterations will be much more accurate.

His recent words to Fridman, however, show that, while the metaverse is being developed, people are now interacting with a complex virtual world.

Summing up:

I believe that, at this time and for the future, there will always be a demand for human interaction and attraction; technology does not have the potential to replace everything that we interact with.

Yet I do agree with Zuckerberg in regards to all of the benefits that can be derived by using technology to connect people rather than having them physically in a room together.

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