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7 Simple ways to refresh your new space


Decor and minor adjustments can make a huge difference in making a new space feel like home. If you recently bought a new house or rented a new apartment, you may be struggling to make it feel like your perfect space. Luckily, there are many simple ways to refresh your new space without spending a ton of money. Below are the best simple ways to refresh your new space to make it feel more like home. After you’ve been settled in for a while, you can revisit these tips to revitalize the space if you are looking for a little bit of change.

Paint Your Walls

There is truly no better way to transform a space than giving a fresh coat of paint. If you are adventurous with color, you could add an accent wall that provides the room with a pop of color. This brings a lot of life into any room and opens up many options for new décor. To really refresh your new space, look into a bold print wallpaper for either an accent wall or a fun bathroom.

If you are not looking to have any bold colors in your home, painting your walls is still a perfect way to refresh your space. Choosing a new neutral color like beige, light gray, or light green can completely change a room. Plus, you can still add smaller pops of color with décor like throw pillows or wall art to complement your more neutral tones.

Add More Houseplants

Houseplants are a great way to bring color and life into a space. They immediately make the room feel more natural and can make it feel warmer and more lived-in. Plus, there are so many different varieties of plants that range between color, shape, and size. If your room needs more accents, you can either complement it with the shade of the plant itself or with a unique planter.

Not all houseplants are the same. Some will require a lot of care and attention, and others will thrive regardless of how you treat them. If you are new to plants, stick with hardier options like snake plants or pothos. For pet parents, you will want to double-check and make sure your plants are completely safe if ingested by your animals. Spider plants and parlor palms are two good options for beginners that are also entirely pet-friendly.

Rearrange Your Furniture

One of the easiest ways to refresh your new space is to rearrange the furniture you already have. Are you bored of furniture in one room? Swap it out with furniture from another room. This is especially helpful in bedrooms. You can also refresh your space by creating an entirely new layout. Choose a focal point in the room and build the design around it. Your focal point can be a fireplace, a tv, or even a window. Don’t get discouraged if your first layout, or blueprint, doesn’t work; keep trying new arrangements until they feel like the right fit. Remember, it’s just furniture! It can all be moved back.

Install Mirrors

You would not believe the effect mirrors can have on a space. Especially if you are looking to refresh a small or low-light space, a mirror can make a massive difference. When shopping, be on the lookout for different shapes, sizes, and colors for your mirror. Don’t be afraid to stray away from the typical rectangular mirrors. Once you decide on one – or more- it’s time to start hanging.

Don’t just hang your mirror anywhere. Strategically placing your mirror will add more space and light to your room. Hanging your mirror across from a source of natural light will help reflect it back into the room and make everything feel brighter. Try out different locations to see where a mirror can help your space feel larger.

Add in Décor

Never underestimate the power of a few pieces of well-thought-out décor in a room. In each room, establish a color scheme with a prominent color and one or two accent colors. You can either plan to have a cohesive color scheme across your home or different colors in each room. For your prominent color, you’ll want to focus on more oversized items. Utilize this color for chairs, couches, rugs, or even as an accent wall. For your accent colors, look into décor pieces like throw pillows, wall art, lamps, blankets, and smaller pieces of décor that you can intersperse around the room. New, unique décor is an incredibly simple way to refresh your space.

Focus on Lighting

Lighting can make or break a room. Rooms with poor lighting can have dark corners and feel uninviting. On the other hand, rooms with too much lighting can feel sterile and overwhelming. Finding a balance between the two is critical. As mentioned before, utilizing mirrors can be a great way to bring light into a dark space. Floor and table lamps are another great solution to add more light to a room. Be aware of the type of lighting you are adding to a space as well.

When choosing lightbulbs, you have a few options. In bedrooms, living rooms, and spaces where you want to feel relaxed, you’ll want to buy warm light bulbs. On the other hand, you will want to purchase cool light bulbs in areas you want to be more focused, like your office or the kitchen. If you’re looking to create a more natural-looking space, consider adding daylight bulbs to mimic natural lighting.

Do a Deep Clean

Lastly, a deep clean is a very simple way to refresh your space. A room free of clutter that smells fresh and clean can bring entirely new energy. This is one of the most affordable and fastest ways to refresh your new space. Simply create a plan to work through every room of your house – one each day – until the entire home looks and feels different.

By following these 7 simple ways to refresh your new space, you can start feeling more at home in no time.

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